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  • Catch and Release Fishing
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  • Fun Cycling
  • Fun Cycling
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  • Room Service
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  • Active Pool
Extensive Facilities, Engaging Activities
Active Pool
A pool with an elegant design overlooking the lake which will refresh your eyes while enjoying the pool water. Our 1.55 meter depth pool with the whirl pool inside will give you the greatest sensation to refresh your body and mind. Enjoy the view, feel the atmosphere. more detail »
Catch and Release Fishing
We offers some of the finest fishing opportunities in the lake surrounding the resort. Family fun awaits at our catch and release fishing lake. Our Concierge will be delighted to arrange an outing, upon request. more detail »
Working professionalism and hospitality are the best values in our team. Do not hesitate about our service, because our professional team will give you the most satisfying service. Your satisfaction is our happiness. more detail »
Fun Cycling
We understand the importance of a healthy and stress free lifestyle. We offers fun cycling activity arround the resort. Healthy body, Happy life!! more detail »
Our team shares your belief that life is a journey and we take joy in helping you to find inspiration in the authentic luxuries of each destination. Toast to romance. Celebrate together. Explore new horizons of experience. We invite you to get closer and more personal to our resort. more detail »
Room Service
By bringing up the theme “Excellent Room Services”, we desire to make the tasty and delicious food & beverages for your satisfaction. Enjoy every delicious sensation which is created and served by our master chef. Taste our meals, cheer up your life! more detail »
Safe Deposit Box
Our safe deposit box has high quality standard and will guarantee your safety. Do not worry about your precious belonging, because your safety is our privilege. more detail »